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August 6, 2011   Posted by: JJ Fiasson

Blue Light and its Impact on Health

Blue lightOne thing that many modern electronic devices have in common is their use of LCD displays, which tend to produce an abundance of blue light. The problem with this is that blue light has been found to pose some serious threats to our health. It has the potential to affect your body clock, your hormone levels, and even increase your risk of cancer or heart disease.

This field of research began when Charles Czeisler published a paper in 1995, showing that our body clocks could be affected by light. Soon after, research flooded in showing that there are special light-sending cells in the retina which communicate directly with the brain’s master clock rather than the visual cortex. This biological clock affects the production of melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep. Thus a biological mechanism explaining what was going on became clear.

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