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In this section we aim to cover some of the many different computer problems that our clients encounter.That includes software problems, viruses, internet browser issues, network support challenges, printer problems, blackberry and iphone questions, and much much more. We'll also give you some handy tips and tricks to make your day in front of the computer easier and show you how to keep your files safe and secure.

July 25, 2011   Posted by: admin

How to backup your WordPress Database

We offer WordPress Support both over the phone and onsite. Give us a call today on 1300 737 205.

Something that is often overlooked by website owners is the need to keep a backup of your content. It’s really not sufficient to rely on your webhost to keep a backup of your site, as the customers of Distribute.IT will attest. Specifically, hackers managed to break into their systems and destroy content, including their backups!

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How to Speed Up Your PC in 5 Easy Steps
July 12, 2011   Posted by: admin

How to Speed Up Your PC in 5 Easy Steps

Are you getting tired of waiting for your computer to start up? Does it take an eon to load your internet browser? Follow this simple guide and you should see at least a moderate, if not substantial, speed boost!

Step 1. Download and install CCleaner from here. Upon finishing the installation it will ask you if you wish to run CCleaner. Do so and then click the button that says “Run cleaner”. It will remove your unnecessary temporary files and clean up your registry.
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How to Create a New User in Windows
July 5, 2011   Posted by: admin

How to Create a New User in Windows

A rather straightforward tutorial, but still something we get asked from time to time. Let’s begin!

Just a quick note – this tutorial applies to Windows 7, although the procedure is very similar for earlier versions of Windows.

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June 30, 2011   Posted by: admin

Remote Support

Did you know that we offer remote support? From time to time, people need help with little things and feel apprehensive about asking for help from a computer technician, knowing the time and money spent would make the whole exercise pointless. You might find yourself in need of help that very instant, and find it difficult to communicate over the phone exactly what is happening on the computer. It’s in these situations that a remote support session can save the day!

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