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August 8, 2011   Posted by: JJ Fiasson

A Robot that Flies Like a Bird

It’s about time I posted a video or two in this blog. I stumbled across this amazing video today of a talk presented by Markus Fischer at the TED Global 2011 conference. He, along with his team, have created what they dub SmartBird – a large and lightweight robot based that flies like a bird. Modelled on a seagull, the robot is really quite phenomenal. It’s actually quite large, with a wingspan that seems to resemble that of an eagle, yet it only weighs 450 grams.

If you have never heard of TED talks, then it’s really worth a visit. It’s full of 5-8minute long presentations by some of the greatest scientists, artists and businesspeople from around the world.

August 6, 2011   Posted by: JJ Fiasson

How To Increase the Memory Limit for 32-bit applications

Out of MemoryIf any of you are using a 64-bit Microsoft Operating System like Windows 7 x64, then you might stand to gain from this little tip. Basically, any 32-bit applications that you run will be limited to addressing only 2GB of memory. This is usually not a problem, however many business applications (like Excel) actually do hit this memory limit. If you’re a gamer, this tip is even more applicable as many games break the 2GB limit. Thankfully the solution is very simple, so read on!

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August 6, 2011   Posted by: JJ Fiasson

Blue Light and its Impact on Health

Blue lightOne thing that many modern electronic devices have in common is their use of LCD displays, which tend to produce an abundance of blue light. The problem with this is that blue light has been found to pose some serious threats to our health. It has the potential to affect your body clock, your hormone levels, and even increase your risk of cancer or heart disease.

This field of research began when Charles Czeisler published a paper in 1995, showing that our body clocks could be affected by light. Soon after, research flooded in showing that there are special light-sending cells in the retina which communicate directly with the brain’s master clock rather than the visual cortex. This biological clock affects the production of melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep. Thus a biological mechanism explaining what was going on became clear.

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July 28, 2011   Posted by: JJ Fiasson

Swiftkey X Review – The best Android Keyboard App

Swiftkey X Review – The best Android Keyboard App Bar None

The night Swiftkey X was released, their servers were so overloaded I almost couldn’t download the English language pack. 20 reconnect attempts later and it was good to go. There is one key difference with this keyboard app versus the rest – it can be fed various inputs to generate a custom dictionary. Basically you give it permission to read one or more of: your SMSs, your Gmail account, your Facebook account or your Twitter account. It takes a few minutes to scan through them and generates a dictionary as well as predictive phrases, but more on that later.
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