About Us

We are a leading provider of IT support services to home users as well as small and medium businesses in the Sydney metropolitan area. Our business clients range from retail outlets to medium-sized enterprise, and we take pride in maintaining these relationships by providing the highest level of support possible.

What we offer residential clients

Our residential clients are some of the most content computer users you will meet. We strive to keep things simple and jargon-free. At the end of the day, people want their computer to just *work*. The computer should be fast, it shouldn’t crash, and internet connectivity should be reliable. Quite often we end up cleaning up the mess left by other less reputable firms. Rest assured that we stand by our work, and if there is an issue with the work we have completed, we will return for free to fix up the trouble.

What we offer business clients

We offer a varied range of services for our business clients, tailored to suit any situation. Our technicians are on-call 24/7, to ensure that mission critical operations are not interrupted. Our work ranges from network and server maintenance, to hardware procurement and implementation, to advisory. We are passionate about technology, which means we are always abreast of the latest developments and can leverage this knowledge to help yo do business more efficiently, saving you time and money. We see ourselves as your partner in business, and believe that efficiency and growth go hand in hand.

Free Consultation

If you run a business, you might be wondering what sort of computer systems and IT solutions should be in place so that your business may continue to grow and prosper without incident. We offer a free initial consultation, whereby one of our technicians will come out and visit your premises and go through your requirements and concerns. This allows you to get a better idea about who we are and what we can offer your business.

Call us to arrange your free consultation 1300 737 205

You might be wondering what a consultation would actually entail. Essentially, one of our consultants will spend up to an hour with you, discussing your IT requirements and analysing your current setup. Points of discussion usually include things like:

  • The reliability of your current setup
  • Whether or not you have adequate data retention systems in place (i.e. backup solutions, redundancy of your server storage)
  • What concerns you may have about scalability of your IT setup
  • Security concerns, including data access regimes for your staff (i.e. firewalls, user level file access, password collation)
  • The possibility of a VPN configuration, so you or your staff can work on files away from the office via the internet
  • Connectivity issues (speed of your current internet setup, potentially looking at ways to reduce your expenditure in this area)
  • Examining the potential to utilise cloud solutions to cut your capital expenditure on software
  • And much more.
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