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July 28, 2011   Posted by: JJ Fiasson

Swiftkey X Review – The best Android Keyboard App

Swiftkey X Review – The best Android Keyboard App Bar None

The night Swiftkey X was released, their servers were so overloaded I almost couldn’t download the English language pack. 20 reconnect attempts later and it was good to go. There is one key difference with this keyboard app versus the rest – it can be fed various inputs to generate a custom dictionary. Basically you give it permission to read one or more of: your SMSs, your Gmail account, your Facebook account or your Twitter account. It takes a few minutes to scan through them and generates a dictionary as well as predictive phrases, but more on that later.
You can download Swiftkey X from here


I opted to give Swiftkey X access to my SMSs and Gmail account and it went quietly to the background, working its magic behind the scenes. Two minutes later a little message popped up, letting me know that it was finished. Too easy!


SwiftkeyX is quite a pretty app, and gives you the choice of dark, light and TRON visuals for the keyboard layout. TRON is pretty cool (fluoro blue/cyan), but I opted for light. You can also toggle the display of foreign characters and whether or not it shows arrow keys.

Ease of Use:

Swiftkey X works very similarly to other keyboard apps, with a prediction bar above the input box. You will be amazed, however, at how accurately it predicts your every move. Not only does it learn your verbal idiosyncrasies, but it is able to predict the most likely consecutive word you will type. By that I mean, it learns what sorts of phrases you use and predicts them before you’ve even typed a single letter of the next word. Amazing!


This is well worth the $3.99 it’s currently going for. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them raise the price. It’s really that good a deal!